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What Road Board Do

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Road Board Values


The Road Board as an organization is entrusted the responsibility to ensure and oversee the optimum utilization of resources for the maintenance and improvement of a safe, efficient, and environmentally balanced road network, thereby contributing to the physical, social, and economic well-being of the country.


A well-maintained, safe, environmentally balanced and user- friendly road network providing quality service and enhanced socio-economic condition of the country.


Republic Act 8794 otherwise known as An Act Imposing a Motor Vehicle User's Charge On Owners of All Types of Motor Vehicles and for other Purposes, Section 1 provides for and ensures the adequate maintenance of national and provincial roads through sufficient funding for the purpose and in this light mandates the Road Board, to implement the prudent and efficient management and utilization of the special funds earmarked solely for the purpose of road maintenance and improvement of road drainage, installation of adequate traffic light and road safety devices and air pollution control.

Furthermore, the Road Board is mandated to ensure that all monies collected under RA 8794 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) are earmarked and utilized solely for the purpose as defined above according to the law.

  • To contribute toward an adequate and sustainable road network
  • To contribute toward the reduction of road accidents and traffic congestion
  • To help reduce overloading of vehicles
  • To assist in the reduction of harmful smoke emission from vehicles
  • To help increase the general satisfaction of road users
  • To improve revenue performance generated from the enforcement of RA 8794
  • To attain excellence in service through efficient review and approval of proposals and the prompt submission of accurate reports
  • To strengthen the network and links with stakeholders of the RB in the conduct of its mandated functions
  • To extend assistance to the stakeholders as necessary
  • To develop the capacities of the RB and the RBS, as necessary, toward the attainment of excellence in service
Core Values
  • Excellence in the Delivery of Service

    The Road Board believes in total quality performance in the work, in optimum results, efficiency, and service-orientedness.

  • Competence and Professionalism

    The Road Board promotes expertise in one's work, remarkable outputs, and unquestioned dedication both by its leaders and staff.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    The Road Board believes in utmost transparency and honesty in all facets of its work. It promotes a culture of ethical responsibility and integrity.

  • Teamwork and Subsidiarity

    The Road Board believes that excellent work is a product of cooperation and collaboration among its units and between the Board and its stakeholders. It promotes effective communication and exchange of ideas between the Board and the stakeholders toward coordination and the attainment of desired results.

  • Innovation

    The Road Board encourages creativity, resourcefulness, and never-ending growth.

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Strategic Direction

Republic Act 8794, otherwise known as the MVUC, mandates that the Road Board shall ensure the adequate maintenance.

Who We Are

The ROAD BOARD is the governments steward for the objective utilization of the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC).